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Dennis Oliver's Idioms: E


an eager beaver: a person who is always willing to volunteer or do extra work.

"Jan is certainly an eager beaver. Any time there's work to be done,
she's the first to say she'll help."

Easy does it!: Be very careful! / Don't do anything too fast or too hard!

A: "I'm going to move the table just a little further from the window."
B: "Easy does it! If you move too fast, you might knock over the plant!"

an egghead: a very intelligent person.

"Jake didn't make very good grades in school, but his sister was a real egghead."

elbow grease: hard work; effort.

"Yes, the car is pretty dirty, but it'll look nice again with a little elbow grease."

every other _____ : alternately; omitting the second one in each group of two.

"In your essays, please write on every other line. That will make the
essays much easier to read."



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