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Dennis Oliver's Idioms: N


No way!: Absolutely not! / Definitely not!

A: "You didn't open this letter addressed to me, did you?"
B: "No way! I'd never read look at else's mail!"

nosh: snack.

"There's plenty in the refrigerator if you want something to nosh on."

Not on your life!: Absolutely not! (a strong "no").

A: "Someone said you cheated on the test. Did you?"
B: "Not on your life!"

now and then: occasionally; from time to time.

A: "Do you see Jennifer often?"
B: "No, not really. I see her now and then, but not regularly."

nuke: heat in a microwave.

"If your coffee's cold, just nuke it for about a minute."

nuts: crazy.

A: "Stuart says some really strange things sometimes."
B: "Sometimes? All the time! He's nuts!"


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