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Dennis Oliver's Idioms: R


R and R: rest and relaxation (a vacation).

"I think you're working too hard, Dave. You need some R and R."

rain or shine: (describing something scheduled) no matter what the weather is.

"We're leaving tomorrow, rain or shine."

rain cats and dogs: rain very hard.

"You can't leave just now! It's raining cats and dogs
and you don't have an umbrella or raincoat!"

read someone's mind: know what someone is thinking.

A: "I'll be you're thinking of what you're going to have for dinner."

B: "Hey, did you read my mind?"

A: "No. I just know that you're always hungry and lunch was several hours ago!"

rub someone the wrong way: irritate someone; bother or annoy someone.

"All my little brother says is 'Why?' Usually I'm patient with him,
but sometimes all his questions rub me the wrong way."

run-down: (1) not well; weak; fatigued.

"Are you eating regularly and getting enough sleep? You look run-down."

run-down: (2) in poor condition; needing repair.

"This must be a poor neighborhood. All the buildings look really run-down."



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