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Dennis Oliver's Idioms: T


take it easy: relax.

"I don't have any special vacation plans. I'm just going to take it easy."

tell a white lie: say something that isn't true in order not to hurt or offend someone.

"The cake that Susan made tasted terrible, but I knew that she
made it because she wanted to please me, so when she asked
if I liked it, I told a white lie and said it was good."

toss something: throw something away; put something in the trash.

"These shoes are worn out. I guess I'll have to toss them."

tough: difficult.

"Question number three is a tough one.Do you know the answer?"

There, there.: expression of comfort.

"There, there. Everything's going to be OK."

tight-fisted: very frugal; unwilling to spend money unnecessarily.

A: Do you think Charlie will donate any money to the activities fund?
B: No way! He's too tight-fisted!

a tightwad: someone who is very frugal and unwilling to spend money unnecessarily.

A: Will Charlie donate any money to the activities fund?
B: Absolutely not! He's a real tightwad!"

tricky: easily confused or misunderstood.

"This problem is tricky. I don't really understand it."

two-faced: deceitful; disolyal; someone who pretends to be a friend but isn't.

"I thought he was my friend, but he's two-faced. He says nice things
to me when we're together, but makes jokes about me when we aren't.



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