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Dennis Oliver's Phrasal Verbs: H


hand in (separable): submit homework, an assignment, etc.

"You'd better get started on your report. You know that you have to hand it in at 8:30 tomorrow morning!"

 hand out (separable): distribute.

"Why don't you have a course description and list of assignments? The teacher handed them out on the first day of class."

 hang up (no object): end a phone conversation by replacing the receiver.

"I'd like to talk longer, but I'd better hang up. My sister needs to make a call."

 have to do with (inseparable): be about.

"This class has to do with the behavior of people in groups."

hold up (1. separable): raise; lift to a higher-than-normal position.

"The winner of the race proudly held his trophy up for all to see."

hold up (2. separable): delay.

"I'm sorry I'm late. There was an accident on the freeway and traffic held me up."

hold up (3. separable): rob; threaten someone with harm unless he/she gives her/his money or other valuable things.

"Sarah is very upset. When she was walking home last night, two men held her up and took her purse and jewelry."


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