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catch some rays: get some sunshine.

"Let's go to the beach and catch some rays."

cheesy: cheap; outmoded.

"Why are you wearing such cheesy clothes?"

chicken: coward.

"Don't be such a chicken!"

cool: excellent; superb.

"Dave's ESL Cafe is totally cool!"

cooler, the: jail.

"If you drink and drive, you'll end up spending time in the cooler."

couch potato: a person who watches too much television.

"Why did I have to marry such a couch potato?"

crap [offensive] (1): something worthless.

"My furniture is a bunch of cheap crap."

crap [offensive] (2): excrement.

"Yuck! I stepped on dog crap!"

crap [offensive] (3): falsehoods and lies.

"I've had enough of your crap."

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