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fab: fabulous.

"Dave's ESL Cafe is really fab!"

face-off: confrontation.

"I think it's time we had a face-off."

fart [offensive]: to expel intestinal gas.

"It's embarrassing to fart on the first date."

fender-bender: small accident.

"This morning I had a fender-bender on the Ventura Freeway."

flaky: unpredictable.

"I waited four hours for my flaky friend to show up."

flashback: sudden memory.

"In Little Tokyo I had a flashback to my days living in Japan."

flick: movie.

"Let's go out tonight and watch a flick."

fox: attractive, alluring person.

"Is it true that Dave is a fox?"

freebie: something that does not cost money.

"My trip to New York was a freebie."

French kiss [possibly offensive]: kissing with the tongue.

"Dave's dog is always trying to French kiss him!"

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