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geek: someone who works too hard, is more intelligent than usual, and is slightly unattractive.

"Bill Gates is kind of a geek."

get it: to understand something.

"Sorry, but I just don't get it."

get naked [possibly offensive]: to completely relax and have a good time.

"Let's get naked tonight!"

glitch: flaw.

"There must be a glitch in this softwware."

go bananas: go slightly mad.

"This project is causing me to go bananas!"

gomer: a dumb person.

"Stop acting like a gomer!"

goof (1): a silly and foolish person.

"What a goof you are!"

goof (2): make a mistake.

I really goofed on the test today."

goof off (1): waste time.

"Stop goofing off and help me clean the house!"

goof-off (2): someone who wastes time and isn't serious.

"A goof-off never does well in school"

goof up: make a mistake.

"Oh no! I really goofed up!"

goofy: silly.

"Kids always make me feel goofy!"

grabbers: hands.

"Have you washed your grabbers, Benjamin?"

grand: one thousand dollars.

"He's making over a hundred grand a year!"

grass: marijuana.

"Have you ever smoked grass?"

grub: food.

"Where's the grub?!"

grubby: not clean.

"I always feel grubby in the morning."

grungy: unclean and stinky.

"Grungy people are not allowed in Dave's house!"

gut: a person's stomach; belly.

"Dave is getting a big gut because he loves chocolate ice cream and beer!"

guts (1): courage.

"It took a lot of guts to ask his boss for a raise."

guts (2): the nature of something.

"Let's get to the guts of Dave Sperling!"

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