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hairy: difficult; dangerous.

"The steep and windy road was really hairy."

hang a left: make a left turn.

"Hang a left at the next corner."

hang a right: make a right turn.

"Hang a right at the next corner."

head: toilet.

"I really need to use the head!"

hep: sensible; informed.

"She's a really hep student."

hickey: a love bite on the skin.

"Wow! Is that a hickey on your neck?"

hip: sensible; informed.

"He really tries hard to be hip."

hooker [possibly offensive]: prostitute.

"You'll find a lot of hookers in the red light district."

horny [possibly offensive]: sexually stimulated; in the mood for sex.

"Red wine seems to make my boyfriend horny. "

hot (1): popular.

"Brad Pitt is really hot now."

hot (2): sexy.

"Wow! Cindy Crawford is really hot!"

humungous: really big.

"American supermarkets are humungous."

hungries, to have: be hungry.

"I don't know about you, but I've got the hungries."

hyper: overly excited.

"Children often get hyper when they are tired."

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