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pad: someone's home.

"Can I sleep at your pad tonight?"

party: celebrate.

"Let's party tonight!"

party animal: someone that loves parties.

"Dave has been known to sometimes be a party animal."

paws: hands.

"Get your paws off me!"

peanuts: very little money.

"I love my job, but the pay is peanuts."

pee: to urinate.

"I always have to pee after drinking beer."

pickled: drunk.

"He got pickled on vodka."

pig out: eat too much.

"Dave is famous for pigging out on chocolate ice cream."

piss: to urinate.

"My dog pissed on me!"

pissed (off): angry; upset.

"I'm really pissed (off) at you."

plastered: drunk.

"Why does he always get plastered?"

pad: someone's home.

"Can I sleep at your pad tonight?"

poop, the (1): knowledge; information.

"What's the poop on Michael Jackson?"

poop [offensive] (2): defecation; shit.

"Be careful not to step on dog poop."

poop out: get tired and quit.

"I got pooped out after spending eight hours at Disneyland."

pot (1): toilet.

"Who's on the pot?"

pot (2): marijuana.

"It's easy to buy pot in the big city."

pro: someone who's good at something; professional.

"She's really a pro at golf."

psycho: crazy person.

"Stay away from that psycho!"

puke: vomit.

"Alcohol makes some people puke."

pumped (up): excited.

"I'm really pumped (up) about Dave's ESL Cafe!"

puss: the face.

"My girlfriend slapped me right on the puss."

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