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racket (1): noise.

"Small kids can make a lot of racket."

racket (2): something that's dishonest or deceptive.

"The Tobacco Industry is quite a racket."

racket (3): an occupation.

"I've been in the ESL racket for fourteen years."

rank: give someone a difficult time.

"She's always ranking her teacher."

rat: a despicable person.

"I thought I loved you, but now I know you're really a rat."

razz: annoy someone.

"Will you please stop razzing me?"

rear (end): buttocks.

"Dave fell on his rear (end)."

riot, a : something or someone very funny.

"Jim Carrey is a riot!"

rip off (1): stealing.

"Someone ripped off my car."

rip off (2): fraud.

"I paid $10,000 for my computer. What a rip off!"

rocking: great; excellent.

"Dave's ESL class is really rocking!"

rubbish: nonsense; not true.

"That rumor is a bunch of rubbish."

rug rat: a child.

"Dave has a couple of rug rats at home."

runs, the: diarrhea.

"Oh no! I've got the runs!"

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