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scarf: to eat.

"I can easily scarf an entire banana split."

screw up: to make a mistake.

"I screwed up on the driving test, so I didn't pass."

screw-up: a person who makes a mistake.

"Why are you such a screw-up?"

scum: a despicable individual.

"Don't hang around with that kind of scum."

shades: sunglasses.

"Those are really cool shades!"

shoot some hoops: play basketball.

"Let's shoot some hoops!"

silks: clothing.

"Those are really awesome silks!"

smarts: intelligence.

"It takes a lot of smarts to become a doctor."

smurfbrain: a dumb or stupid person.

"Stop acting like a smurfbrain!"

snookered: cheated.

"I got snookered into buying swamp land in Florida."

sofa spud: a person who watches too much television.

"I'm usually a sofa spud on Sunday."

solid (1): really good; cool.

"Dave's ESL Cafe is totally solid!"

solid (2): consecutive.

"It's been raining for seven solid days."

specs: eyeglasses.

"I didn't know that you wore specs."

split: to leave.

"Let's split from here now."

spunk: spirit.

"She might be small, but she's got a lot of spunk."

stoned (out): drunk from drugs or alcohol.

"I'm really stoned (out), dude!"

street smart: knowledgeable about city life.

"Since Dave is from Los Angeles, he's very street smart."

suck: to be bad and unacceptable.

"That song really sucks!"

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