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technicolor yawn, to do a : vomit.

"My dog just did a technicolor yawn all over the carpet!"

thou: thousand.

"I need to borrow a hundred thou."

threads: clothing.

"My wife spent $900 on new threads."

ticker (1): the heart.

"My grandfather has a bad ticker."

ticker (2): a watch.

"Wow! That's a really cool ticker!"

tints: sunglasses.

"You have to wear tints in California."

totally: really; completely.

"That's totally awesome, dude!"

to the max: maximum.

"I studied to the max."

turkey (1): failure; flop.

"Thank goodness that Dave's ESL Cafe is not a turkey!"

turkey (2): dumb person.

"Turkeys are not allowed to work for this company."

turn-off: something that repulses a person.

"Bad breath is a real turn-off."

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